The Farm


The farmhouse Santa Maria is part of a large farm on the slopes of Mount Peglia. This farm has been in the same family for generations.


Among our organic olive groves and oak woods, you can admire fantastic views of Umbria. The River Faena flows through the property of 50 ha .

We are a certified Organic Farm and use traditional techniques for cultivation and production.

At the farm Santa Maria you will find..

..     organic garden that each season produces fruits vegetables legumes for us and for the guests

  • 5 ha olive grove with 2.000 tree
  • 7 ha cultivated land of hay, spelt, barley, kamut, oats, wheat, beans and feed for our animals...
  • 8 ha wood land : walnut, maple, cherry trees for future production of furniture
  • 18 ha oak tree forest
  • 5 ha of pasture fields
  • Sheep breeding
  • Cows, pigs, goats,  poultry:   turkeys, chickens, geese,  guinea fowl,  laying hens.

Our animals are fed a natural diet using only our grass and grains.

Our main product is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced with a local cooperative. 

When in season, we gather strawberries, mushrooms, wild asparagus,  truffles and  chicory for use in the farmhouse kitchen.