Our Family

Daniel Jacques Boutet

I was born in Paris in 1943. I started working at a very young age (13 years), first as a butcher and and charcutier, then as a chef and maitre d’hôtel. Later, I had various adventures and life experiences including trying to be a priest (unsuccessfully!), psychologist, and an educator. I then began sculpturing, where I found discovered a passion as an artist and paid the consequences. I have always been driven by a deep desire to know God on a pilgrimage. I married Rosaria on May 13, 1989 in the parish church of Medugorije. We have lived here since October 4, 1989.


Rosaria Iacovino

I was born in Rome in 1956. I am an architect and icon painter; in general an artist. I lived in Bofil Taller de Arquitectura in Barcelona, Spain for two years. After a trip in the Sahara desert, I finally cut the umbilical cord with Rome and felt free to choose where to live. Umbria corresponded to all my needs.     With Daniel we restored the farmhouse in 1998 ..

and here we had our precious children. Emanuel was born in 1990 and Francesco in 1992.

All four of us found specific duties in managing the Santa Maria farm. The farm owes its name to Mary, because despite the differences of cultures and characters that are together here, we all enjoy ourselves and learn valuable lessons from each other.

This is the farmhouse before November 1998   and .....

....how it is from 2000

how it was

.... and how it is now

...if you wish to watch the intervew with Rosaria on Voyager the 30 January 2012 from 1,39 at 4,38 minutes , you will find here
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