Our Authentic Food


The farmhouse Santa Maria in prepares traditional Umbrian cuisine. We combine the culinary arts with the nature that surrounds us : the products of the forest and the olive field.

The products of the farm consist of: : Organic Extra Virgin olive oil , organic vegetables from the garden, and animals fed with corn grain and our home-grown hay. We eat in the great hall, accompanied by the scent of burning wood in the large stone fireplace. Each dish is accompanied by a selection of quality local wines. The details of the meal are designed to create a warm and refined atmosphere. The meals, brunch and breakfast are not included in the price of the room.



Sample menu ...Yummy in my tummy !

Appetizer  a mixed plate with pate,  sliced local prosciutto crudo (smoked prosciutto),  la sella di San Venanzo,  wild boar sausages and pork,  torta al testo,  bruschetta,  salads of barley,  oats and panzanella, and stuffed and rustic pizzas of all kinds.

First Course Pasta dishes with homemade meat sauce or with mushrooms and truffles;  asparagus; vegetable soup (barley,  peas,  lentils,  beans);  pappardelle with wild boar,  hare or duck sauce;  cheese ravioli with porcini mushrooms or truffles;  truffle risotto with asparagus,  pumpkin or radicchio and smoked cheese,  artichokes and arugula;  traditional lasagna with meat sauce or white vegetables,  mushrooms and truffles

Main Course  venison and wild boar with polenta nuggets,  roasted in the oven with aromatic vinegar;  liver,  offal,  milk pork,  guinea fowl stew,   grilled lamb,  rabbit cacciatore,  chicken, grilled pork sausages and chicory;   vegetables au gratin,  zucchini,  eggplant,  peppers,  potatoes and onions,  peas and beans,  escarole and cheese pies;  artichokes,  potato cake,  and all kinds of salads.

Sweet and Cake   con tozzetti, tirami su,  fruit salad with ice cream,  apple strudel,  sweet walnuts and almonds,  fruit tarts.